Setting up our exhibition space at 2022


We have decided to nail our fabric directly onto the wall and made 3 boards explaining what our project is about. Rachel made a board with mini t-shirts showing the possible designs which i am very excited about!


As our print requires 3d glasses to providee the 3d-illusion experience; Marta suggested to hang the 3d glasses with ‘ultra-thin’ fishing wire so it looks as if the glasses is floating in the air. We seemed to have drawn a lot of attention from our radical utility fellows today!

It has been a blit of a hassle to involve our wheel barrow in our exhibition as there is no connection to our work and more importantly it is in the way of our work! Luckily we got the permission of our tutor - michael, for not having to inclue the wheel barrow!

Phase 6 - installation completed

After all this hard work, the installation is finally complete. The piece is slightly bigger than expected and it is almost as tall as me! We are happy with the result as the ‘hidden message’ has worked well if you look from a distance.


We made the set-date (between ourselves) and installed it onto the side window of Fred Aldous. The location works great as there is traffic on Lever Street so passers by would either have to stand close to the shop (which the message isn’t so clear) or stand across the street (message becomes crystal clear!)


Our next job is to prepare the exhibtion at 2022!

Phase 5 - Putting the rows together


Since all the individual rows are completed, we began to put them together at 2022. We purchased another 30m in the morning; however the wire has ran out again, we’d have to get more wire in order to complete the installation. Before we start, we predicted that we’d only need a maximum of 10m; we ended up using a ‘ridiculous amount’ of 120m

Project updates ..

There has been a bit of confusion regarding the location of our installation; another group of unit x also planned to take the window of Fred Aldous (facing Lever Street) and the window we planned on getting (one behind the photobooth) is not unavailable anymore. We had a disscusion with the owner, Mark; apparently another window that faces Lever Steet is still available for 2d work. The only thing is that it might be a bit repetitive because their work is quite similar to ours. Otherwise we could benefit from it as our work requires our viewers to stand back to see the hidden message; in theory the viewers would be looking from across the street which will then keep the viewers away from the other group’s work.

In the afternoon, we carried on with our installation and have finally threaded all the rows. We are meeting tomorrow again to put the rows together so it becomes the patchwork.

Phase 4 - the threading of squares

It was another productive day at the workshop; we got about 13 rows of our mosaic done today! We have all agreed on the use of copper wire due to its distinctive colour and the fact that they’re malleable! At first, we thought an approximate of 10 metres would be enough for the whole installation; however we have used about 30 metres of wire and only managed to get about half of rows done. I’m assuming that we’d need another 30 meters to complete our installation. My fingers are still aching from twisting wires but there are more to be done tomorrow


Amon Tobin - ISAM (Live Audio/Visual show)

While I was looking at the lineup for Future Everything festival, i’ve discovered Amon Tobin and this amazing life size installation based on video mapping technology. I watched a few clips of his performance online and found that our box idea somehow relates to his work. 


My friends and I went to the show last night and the visual and sound experience was stunning! Here’s a short clip of the show:

Phase 3 - Production is resumed

Today we are back on track with the production and it was a productive day at the workshop

2 good news have brighten up our day; the prints are finally ready to be picked up at the architecture block! Our fabric (with 3d illusion) print was also ready; it only needs ironing before we display it!


Our first job was to number and cut out squares again to replace the faulty ones we made earlier. Since this is the 2nd time we are doing this, the production ran smoothly. We were unsure about the use of uhu as we didn’t want to mess the photos up again; in the end, we all agreed on the use of spray mount.


In the afternoon, we split into 2 groups to drill holes onto our squres. Katie, Marta and I have finished drilling all the squares in the afternoon; whilst Rachel and Sammie were trying out connect the squares with wire. We agreed on the use of copper as it is the most malleable metal available at the workshop.

3d anaglyph image on fabric


Our sample on fabric is finally here.. this is our 2nd piece of work which will be placed in 2022

From the results of our experiments, the 3d illusion effect gets really messy when it is paste onto an actual 3d sample. However, we would like to involve the 3d anaglyph effect in our exhibition since it provides a cool visual experience. 


We wanted to print it onto a material that we don’t often play with (as an interior student) and our fashion students suggested cotton. None of our concerns seemed to occur on our sample; the colour stays as bright as they’re on the computer and the 3d illusion works fine with the blue and red glasses too!

2nd strike

We planned to reprint our images today to replace the faulty ones we had yesterday; unfortunately the printer for large prints has died today due to a high demand of printing (today is apparently the architecture student’s portfolio deadline)

The production is delayed again and that means we’ll have to get a lot done tomorrow. 

Tomorrow’s plan is to collect our prints, cut and mount them onto the faulty squares

The hidden NQ

On Saturday, Marta and I revisited the Northern Quarter again. During the visit, we have discovered a few things..

lots of ‘street art’ ..there were lots of art in different forms scattered out in the NQ we haven’t noticed for this whole year

and the craft centre..with numerous manchester-based artists and designers’ work on sale


and here’s a pencil drawing i did after the visit..