Phase 3 - Production is resumed

Today we are back on track with the production and it was a productive day at the workshop

2 good news have brighten up our day; the prints are finally ready to be picked up at the architecture block! Our fabric (with 3d illusion) print was also ready; it only needs ironing before we display it!


Our first job was to number and cut out squares again to replace the faulty ones we made earlier. Since this is the 2nd time we are doing this, the production ran smoothly. We were unsure about the use of uhu as we didn’t want to mess the photos up again; in the end, we all agreed on the use of spray mount.


In the afternoon, we split into 2 groups to drill holes onto our squres. Katie, Marta and I have finished drilling all the squares in the afternoon; whilst Rachel and Sammie were trying out connect the squares with wire. We agreed on the use of copper as it is the most malleable metal available at the workshop.

2nd strike

We planned to reprint our images today to replace the faulty ones we had yesterday; unfortunately the printer for large prints has died today due to a high demand of printing (today is apparently the architecture student’s portfolio deadline)

The production is delayed again and that means we’ll have to get a lot done tomorrow.¬†

Tomorrow’s plan is to collect our prints, cut and mount them onto the faulty squares